For this collection the artistic director of Maison Dior, Raf Simons, got inspired by the great French couturiers of the past and the paintings of the Flemish. 
According to Simons, the modern haute couture should be a summary of silhouettes and ancient techniques, a mix of purity and innocence, simplicity and luxury, beauty and decadence, as a golden thread that connects the Gothic to Renaissance to Impressionism Pointillism, the Baroque to our 10's.
The result is asymmetric capes of medieval taste with a furry sleeve, flowing dresses in chiffon with Gothic jewel cages, long Belle Époque robe du soir , flare pants to match with tailored jackets and dress bustier in chiffon plissée.
Even the favorite materials are a throwback: wool, cotton, chiffon and silk worn with fur, crystals, net of metal, leather and feathers, for a modern Joan of Arc.