Dear Customer,

This is the initial briefing for you, in order to start our common project for the collection!

Please read carefully the questions and fill the briefing below. 

Feel free to give us every detail in order to achieve the best results for the collection

We also suggest you to compile all the topics to give us the strongest input to start our work together. Remember anyway that this is just a first step of our collaboration and, during the developement of the project, we need to mantain a constant feedback and engagement with your team.

We remind you that this is a capsule collection with its standards, like a maximum of 3 outfits for a total of 9 pieces for free as a trial. Since we work with different companies, and each company has its point of strenght, we will further propose some questions to clarify which is yours.

After you have sent us this form completed, we will send you the final commitment schedule and we will start working. Thanks for your interest in our company and see you soon!

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(Urban/streetstyle; sportswear; denimwear...)
If you want you can describe your target audience (Who you want to talk to? What type of consumer are they? What do they read? What do they listen to? From who are they inspired?)
Who are the protagonist of the collection?
IV) Fabric Sourcing: *
Do you prefer some particular treatments on the main fabrics of the collections? Do you prefer plain colors, all over patterns or placements on the fabric?
How much exclusive do you want to be? Do you want to talk to a wide range of people or do you prefer a specific range of price?
Can you describe in few words your philosophy and what concept do you want to give to your collection?
How much is important the sustainable production process for your company? Do you have any suggestion or preferences to guide us in a sustainable way to work?
If you have different suggestions or conclusions, please indicate them below
Do you you have questions for us? We will be glad to respond you and clarify every doubt you may have!