Bar Code by Pattern Curator

First & foremost, I am thrilled to be a regular contributor for Liberty 4 Fashion.  

"Bar Code" is a trend call-out for SS17.  Stripes aren't going anywhere.  What I'm seeing is a new take on stripes in layout, manipulation & placements.  The black, white, grey neutral story lends itself to the graphic nature of stripes, keeping this look both classic & modern. 

Stay inspired, create & share.






PatternCurator™ is a forecasting company focused on reporting relevant print, pattern & color trends for artists & designers to express themselves in their fullest potential.  A resource for both design professionals & enthusiasts to use as a creative reference tool.

We believe that all people are creative in some kind of way. And when given the proper tools, each individual can tap into their ability to design & plan on how to express themselves in their own way.  This process unlocks new ideas, new products & new potential to be created. By being in this creative articulation, there is an opportunity to share the end result with others.  Thus, generating even more inventive possibilities.

The purpose for PatternCurator™ is to encourage others to design, create & generate their vision & their desired end use.

Our goal is to be a creative center.  A source of art, design, creativity, yoga, education, connection & higher learning integration.