MMSS: Pinko

Leaving for Florence and Pitti Uomo, we made it just in time to choose a showcase for Milan Morning Showcase: Pinko’s.

  • Impact: Pinko is a brand at the same time casual, chic and scratchy. If the gray-beige tones are not as recurrent in his palette, we think the combination bright yellow-white light in the window and hit us in the eye.
  • Originality: the air seemingly more bon ton and less transgressive matching exposed avoids affectation thanks to details like the pockets of the blouse, bare shoulders and the transparency of the skirt.
  • Perceived quality: fabrics fall neatly, giving the idea of great care in setting and a good quality of the garments.
  • Product: the items on display seem designed for a young woman, who holds the quality of what she wears and can be formal but not too much.
  • Consistency: white is one of the flagships of this brand and the combination with the colors of lemon and lime seems daring but successful. A pretty good description of the philosophy of Pinko.

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