Pre-Raphaelite goes Punk

I feel like a painter who is drawing on a damask fabric, and among volutes, flowers and corymbs he puts – almost invisible – the initials of his beloved. And it does not matter if not even she is able to identify them , loving acts are always free of charge

— Umberto Eco, “Saying almost the same thing”

The Pre-Raphaelite movement rose in England in 1848 and had among its members very young artists like Rossetti, Millais, Burne-Jones, Hunt and Waterhouse. This artistic movement aimed to rediscover the techniques and the lessons of the masters who lived before Raphael.

The subjects of Pre-Raphaelite paintings were take from literary and mythological episodes, in a shiny color palette.

In their representations you’ll immediately notice the differences between the garments of the heroines from classical, medieval or Elizabethan myths. You’ll see the essential lines and the soft pleads of peplos and tunics, that slide down maliciously, leaving shoulders and breasts uncovered.

— Vogue Encyclo

Redemption SS17 focuses on light and impalpable fabrics, full skirts, ruffles and drapes, made edgy by punk inspirations. A romantic revolution.

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