INNOVATING TO SURVIVE: “How to win the never ending battle (every season) to avoid to become a commodity”

In Italy, the manufacturing and the textile market is perceived to be in perpetual crisis since almost thirty years, nevertheless, there are some textile industrial reality that despite the crisis, despite the increasingly fierce competition of our “neighbors” on the Mediterranean shore and from the Far East, despite the rising costs of raw materials and the labor costs, have distinguished themselves, and thrived and are still considered true excellences worldwide. You’ll wonder how it is possible? 

MODERN ART BY Pattern Curator

I’ve been traveling for the past few weeks.  Some of that time was spent in the remote Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, where there was no cell service & limited wifi.  It was an amazing opportunity to reflect, re-focus & get re-inspired. What I got to is the one thing that inspires me always is art. The expression of an artist in a visceral way.  Which leads me to this mood board, ‘Modern Art’.  What I foresee in fashion is the evolution of self expression from conservative to overtly expressive from both the designer & the wearer.  This combination of introversion & extroversion is an exciting & inspiring visual experience.  Enjoy!  xx Kristine