How to create a good Moodboard

The creative process in creating a fashion collection is long and changeable: even when you start from an inspiration well defined, the initial artistic project should be finished and well shaped, in order to define the guidelines and “purify” the concept that drives the initial idea from any digressions and useless affectations, which could lead to deviations from the emotion you want to convey.


The best way to encode the inspiration is to trace the guidelines through the so-called Moodboard. The moodboard is a tool at the base of the stylistic coherence in a fashion collection: it defines through a series of images, both allegorical is encoded, the concept or range of concepts that you want to convey through various communication channels in the collection.

The images that make up the moodboards have a symbolic aspect, which must transmit a particular message: the more literal, for example, the colors that the images contain, will be the input for deciding the range of colors that compose the collection. Besides the key colors, the moodboards can also contain silohuette pieces that make up the collection, through shapes, shadows and various figures. It is always better to define whether the collection will have stiff and strutting or soft draping garments, elastic adhesions or oversizes made in firm tissue, and so on.

The collage of images and concepts should not be too labyrinthine or vague, but harmonious and schematic. For this reason, the best way to put together a moodboard is to choose a dominant concept that will be the key image that catches the eye, then a series of smaller images that create a sort of mini-story from which to develop the concept of the collection.

The collage structure is personal and free, but to bring together all (or key words that often are in the mood boards to clarify the reading), is the harmony of style: an image should communicate with each other as if they were two individuals from different countries speaking a common language. They can chat, discuss, sing and even fight, the main thing is that the language they share complete them one another.

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