Points of view: Claudia Sirchia

The world of fashion is changing. We want to understand how, and we are talking to some people who in one way or another, they live it. Today is the turn of Claudia Sirchia, a young Italian photographer and blogger.

Hello Claudia, do you mind telling us something about you?

Twenty-four years old, I have a spasmodic need to invent something new to devote. I studied architecture and photography, I look for beauty in everything and where, apparently, there isn’t, I like to create it. I always need to express, with words or photographs. Social is my watchword, I love being around people and study it.

You say that you create situations to take your photographs: how is photographing people like?

People are the biggest challenge I face when I have the camera in my hand.
You create different situations, either in a studio or outside. Outside there’s more fun, it is more free and there usually is less embarrassment. In the studio, otherwise, it’s you and the eyes of those in front of you, and that’s what I love to do.
You have to face that moment when the model looks at you and silently asks you what you want from her, and there is for you to try the emotion you want to pull out.

What is fashion for you?

It depends on how we mean it.
The fashion magazine is something that I would talk for hours, so I would look like the models mow the catwalk for days. It’s a world unto itself, something like Wonderland. It ‘s all so hectic, then the lights go out and the show begins.
The street style is what I enjoy most. Of course, the eyes are the mirror of the soul and the hands are the calling card, but the way people dress speaks to us. It says everything: from the attention we use to buy a garment to the time that we spend to treat our own outfits, you also can understand how a person is like and how much respect herself.
That’s all. It ‘s the easiest way to figure out if a person, if you really care. Understand and not judge.

And what about fashion photography?

It’s the true enchanted world, where you step on toes.
It is magical to know that everything you see on the glossy pages is the result of a mind that has seen before you.
I prefer Annie Leibovitz, with the exasperated vision of her sets, compared to Terry Richardson that I find a bit too sloppy.
If you are on the other side of the camera it is different. It feels insane, but inside your head reigns a sort of quiet chaos. If you have in mind what you want to do, you’ll go there, otherwise you will be brought by those who work with you in different visions. It’s magic, it can’t be explained.
You have an idea, you think about it, then you raise it and image it in details. Then you look at the set, waiting for your shots.

How have the fashion shooting changed in recent years, in your opinion?

They suffered the same influence that has suffered the world of fashion in general. The focus has shifted from the model to the garment or accessory. It aims directly to the dependence of owning something and no longer have the urge to want the same thing that has great fashion character. Once it was product placement, now it is simply advertising.
It’s all about the depersonalization of those who pose, there are mannequines and not supermodels anymore.

In what direction do you think it will go in the future?

I think, unfortunately, that it will go towards the total eradication of the human factor in the shooting.
I struggle to understand why it has already gone to the cancellation of the true personality of the models, there are few names that create real trends now. The still life has taken a lot more ground than ever before, it requires less effort to photograph a bag rather than a bag held by a model: understandable but not appreciable.
The photographer’s work is to manage a set and the one of the brand is to be able to place in the best way what it sells. Why deprive a desirable object from the subject that you wish?

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