Born between 1980 and 2000, the Millennials are a generation of guys totally different from those that preceded them.

Forget the Baby Boomers: the Millennials prefer to start start up their beliefs rather than earn more money doing a job that does not suit them, collect news from the web rather than watch Tv, live in both real and virtual communities and take care of quality of life.

They are the first generation born in the XXI century, who lived the trauma of September 11 and the economic crisis. Millennials are the buyers of today and tomorrow: they buy online, accumulate less and prefer the quality and uniqueness of the products, they are sensitive to the issue of respect for workers and the environment. The big luxury brands have understood, and keep courting them and trying to get on their wavelength.

Millennials icons belong to the world of music and entertainment, but often work in very successful capsule collections in various fields of fashion.