#MMSS: Massimo Rebecchi

Today we inaugurate Milan Morning Showcase with Massimo Rebecchi, in Corso Como No. 4.

  • Impact: Massimo Rebecchi plays his cards right and we are struck by the class: light-colored sorbet clothing, never too much formal, particularly suited for a day’s work that can end with a happy hour in a cool terrace. The touch of class? The lightweight jacket, in line with the uncertain weather of this Wednesday in early June.
  • Originality: to capture the eye is undoubtedly the unusual texture gown mannequin in the foreground, you confirm glancing on the trousers of the dummy side, more in the background.
  • Perceived quality: the composition has a clean appearance, and the leaders hung neatly suggest a medium-high quality, for a practical but chic and sophisticated woman.
  • Product: although cutting mainly classic, the items on display are not lacking details younger and innovative. Here’s the line of the jacket is revisited with a drawstring, while the fringes of the bags and the cliffs of the clothes nod to the style Boho Chic 2015 edition.
  • Consistency: perfectly consistent with the historical line of the brand, there are new elements in the details, which give the whole a touch of freshness.

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