#MMSS: Via Verdi

For this Monday we chose the showcase of multibrand boutique Via Verdi.

  •  Impact: young, clean, attractive: in three words, our first impression in front of this window.
  • Originality: the black and white stripes, the bon ton dress with polka dots, yellow saffron, blazer paired with satin shorts: Via Verdi did not miss a beat and offers the strongest trends of the season.
  • Perceived quality: the dark background highlights in a pleasant light colors of the garments. The set up is minimal yet sophisticated and the height of the product for sale.
  • Product: the brand for sale in the boutique Via Verdi are medium-high, adapted to life every day but of quality, elegant but not too formal and fashionable without being too break.
  • Consistency: It is not easy to propose many brand and maintain its own well-defined identity. Via Verdi succeeds, choosing to focus on elegance and quality rather than on the wonder.

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