Valentino Haute Couture: fall/winter 2015/16

With this collection of haute couture, the two creative directors of Valentino Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli want to celebrate Rome, its beauty and its history, not only with a parade dedicated to the Eternal City, which always inspires their creations for the Maison, but also with an exhibition entitled Mirabilia Romae.
The parade is like an archaeological walk or a “Tale of Tales” between nostalgia and history, opulence and decadence, sensuality and religion: mini gladiator outfits, asymmetrical hoods which discover a shoulder, vertical Imperial looking togas, embroidered ears by pagan goddesses, long hoods by baroque Madonnas, precious brocades. Everything is black, gold, dark green and red.
The accessories are obviously the Roman sandals. And the jewels-sculpture by Alexander Gaggio inspired by Satyricon, the poems of Catullus and phrases of Seneca.

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