Points of view: Nicolò Sartori

The world of fashion is changing. We want to understand how, and we are talking to some people who in one way or another, they live it. Today is the turn of Nicolò Sartori, a young craftsman.

Hello Nicolò, do you mind telling us something about you?

I consider myself a different guy, with an extroverted and sunny disposition, I enjoy being with people and cultivate new experiences. My nature led me to start a training course in the fashion world: I’ve always been fascinated and as soon as I had the chance I threw myself in it headlong. I learned to sew by machine through the study of past methods and gradually I am adding techniques and modern details, for a unique and inimitable result.

In recent years, the consensus is that young people should come up with the work they want: you did it. How did it go?

Unfortunately or fortunately, we live in a rich country but lacking in job opportunities, specially for young people. I managed to turn a hobby into a job and has been a great success, I get many compliments, but there are also many things that I still have to learn! I beg to give some advice to all the young people in search of answers: turn your ideas, although stupid, into something real. If you do not succeed, at least you’ll have tried!

What is important for a small business like yours?

I think the basic thing is to try to enrich more and more your knowledge so you can always offer something different and innovative to your customer. It is challenging, but it brings the desired results.

How do you communicate the value of a handmade product?

By now the low cost market is increasingly catching on and gaining a position of considerable importance, even in the fashion world. In my small way, I try to convey to the customer the passion with which I realize something unique, to ensure that the handmade value exceeds the commercial one.

What is fashion for you?

Freedom of expression, a world where I feel free to express my feelings. Fashion is pure madness, a perfect anti-stress, which should make real our thinking.

What would you recommend to someone who wants to start a business like yours?

First of all, you have to enter in small steps in this area and to try to understand the many facets of an unknown world. Secondly, it is fundamental to accept the advice and try to learn the teaching of a professional. it is extremely important to take part in further training, but I think the core of everything is to experiment, try and try again: threading is difficult to insert, but sooner or later you’re sure that will come…

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