80s Revival

It all started in New York with the luxurious cocktail dresses in sequins by Rodarte, inspired by the kids in Berlin celebrating before the fall of the Wall, when it seemed the right time to glam 80s would return.

The mix of mellow colors, sequins and leather appeared on the catwalk for Jeremy Scott SS17 pop the cork with an explosion of riotous 80s glamour: tailoring was tight, skirts were short, shoulders were poufy, waists were cinched, fabrics were shiny and leather was ruched, or else punctured with eyelets. The overall effect was loud and lurid in the most luxurious, well-executed way.

Jeremy Scott trades in a post-pop world of yesteryear kitsch, and his SS17 collection dragged us to gritty, gleeful, 80s New York. Visions of Mudd Club, AREA, Allan & Suzi’s cable access show and Tama Janowitz danced in my head as I watched Scott’s Slaves of New York fever dream stretch its magenta claws down the runway. “Slime City,” Scott called the collection, no doubt in reference to a time when filth bred fantasy and itinerant hustlers roamed the West Village piers – a time before Jeremy or I would ever stalk the same streets, surrounded by luxury stores, imagining an intoxicating era long dead in the concrete cemetery of Manhattan.

— Dazed

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