What we love that makes us who we are

Today I was asked to write this post in which I would have to introduce myself to you I think there is no more difficult thing to write something about ourselves, but I will try.

My name is Luka, I’m 22. I do a job I hate and I have a sickening passion for fashion, art, design and everything around the visual arts. This is what I will tell you about myself. If you want to know more, let’s have coffee.

What we love that makes us who we are. I am not that typical guy who loved fashion since the beginning, who was hiding for browse Vogue and pretended to be a model. My passion for fashion has grown over the years, and now I’d do my reason for living.

When someone says that fashion is frivolous, they offend me. A dress is not just a set of fabric and stitching, it is a small masterpiece: it can give you a thousand emotions, better than an orgasm. Fashion makes us feel beautiful, special, ready to rule the world and that’s what I appreciate: it gives joy.

Being badly dressed, even just for wandering around in the town center, makes me nervous, ruins my day. Maybe I’m sick of fashion, although my taste can be a bit “weird”. I do not have a specific style that one can label: one day I can wear shirt and bow tie and the next day I can dress like a boy ran away from home.

I wear what I like, I do not follow a specific trend, I do not wear only designer clothes, I shop at fast fashion chains, like most of people do. Because you know, fashion is not a brand, it is knowing how to wear a suit.

I could keep writing for hours to make you understand my point of view,  let you into my world, but that’s enough for now. Maybe next time…

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