About Me, Myself and I

If there’s something I find pretty hard to do, it’s definitely to talk about myself, but I’ll try.

My name is Antonio Cerro, I’m a student, blogger, dreamer… just call me as you want, I have never liked being labeled in something. I’m 22 years old and I live in one of the most amazing cities of the world: Milan.

This blog is called “Liberty 4 Fashion” well, it’s a perfect name, because it totally expresses one of the most important values for me: freedom. Freedom of speech, of opinion, to write about something that I like, but also on something that I don’t, freedom to live fashion and its world how I want it, in a different way maybe… but in the end, does it counts?

When I was asked to take part in this project, I immediately said yes, why? Well… it is clearly something different, not seen, and that goes against the trend, that’s why I have been excited from the beginning.

Rather than introduce myself through a description, I’d prefer to let you know me by my writing… you have no idea how much you might know about someone through their writings, that’s why I’ll get to work and write you a few posts, giving you the opportunity to know me better.

Then, if you want my personal blog is www.miformode.com. Reading doesn’t costs anything. See you soon.

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