Off the shoulder

Those who think that a woman’s curves are reducible to a flourishing breasts or to a major back, they are short of imagination. There are curves less provocative, more subtle, but equally sensual. Such as the one that follows the line of the neck, starting from the jaw and going down and down, straight, up to slide along the angular shoulder roundness.

So, after revealing legs, stomach, back, and, of course, the décolleté, this year it’s time to show off your shoulders.

From the catwalk to the street-style, whether it’s blouse, top or dress, it is important to take the off-the-shoulder cut. Volumes over and belled sleeves, a legacy of the 70s, perfect for the hot days of summer, but not only. Clavicles peep, emerging from the clean lines of structured garments minimal, elegant and even austere.

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