True Denim

We visited the last edition of Denim PV in Barcelona, and all we have got is… well, quite a lot of interesting things.

True Denim combines quality, craft, fashion and function. Accessible and democratic, true denim is for everyone, everywhere.

— Andrew Shaw, Senior Manager Denim R&D, Old Navy

In this edition, Denim PV aimed to shine a light on the nature of denim and define what True Denim actually is, looking to the future without forgetting the past.

True denim has the versatility and the ability to become all things to all people. It has a social meaning and is the most personal item in everybody`s wardrobe. It reflects the habits of its wearer almost like a painting on a canvas. Recognizable, iconic, reliable and durable.

— Kristina Szasz, Group Vice President of Women’s Design, Abercrombie & Fitch

Wandering from one stand to the other, it was clearer than ever that denim is more than a piece of fabric. Thanks to its philosophy, know-how, passion for innovation & street attitude, denim is the better version of the little black dress.

Photography: Giulia Ortuso

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