Why should you ever workout wearing jeans?

Denim is wonderful, denim is perfect: resistant, easy and always cool. Find the perfect pair of jeans for you can be a difficult thing, but when you find it is forever. There’s nothing that brings out so well your legs, there’s nothing that makes your butt look so good.

When you wear your favorite jeans, you feel invincible. So, you always want to wear them, even if you’re going to the gym, right? Wrong.

You can wear the revolution. Or maybe not…

Why should you go to the gym with jeans? There is sportswear, which is done on purpose and is having a great moment of comeback. You can safely go out on Friday night wearing Adidas Superstar or YEEZY Boost matching with acetate pants. Maybe you spent a lot of money for a pair of Nike that you never used to go running.

Why should you train with Replay Hyperskin x ISKO, when there are so cool training clothes?

Going to the gym in jeans would be awkward because the gym is not the place to wear them. It’s so easy. Everybody would look at you, of course, but not out of envy.

People want denim to be denim, and we have to try to give them that, rather than bringing strange things that no one really wants.

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